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Antonov Airlines’ Planes Deliver Aid To Tropical Storm-Hit Guam

An Antonov An-124-100 Ruslan aircraft was chartered to transport over 400 tons of humanitarian aid.

Antonov Airlines’ An-124 Aircraft Transports New-Generation Communications Satellite Weighing 9 Tons

The aircraft transported the satellite between the West and East coasts of the United States.

Antonov Begins Using Engines From Destroyed An-225 Mriya Aircraft On Its An-124 Ruslan Aircraft

The company could install the An-225 Mriya aircraft’s engine on the Antonov An-124 Ruslan aircraft because both aircraft use D-18T power plants of the same type.

Ukrainian An-124 Ruslan Aircraft Transports Maxar Pollution-Monitoring Satellite

A Falcon 9 rocket will launch the satellite into orbit.

SBU Detains Antonov State Enterprise’s Ex-General Director

The company’s chief of security was also detained.

Antonov Has 30% Of Components Necessary To Build An-225 Mria Aircraft

This is about the possibility of completing the second aircraft.

Antonov Airlines Transports 4 Spanish Helicopters On Single Airplane

The main difficulty involved in the transportation of the helicopters was the short runway at the Spanish airport.

An Antonov Airlines plane carried a satellite to be launched by SpaceX

The weight of the cargo was 50 tons.

Ukrainian An-124 Delivered To UK Rotor Needed For The Heating Season

The rotor was loaded by a lifting crane in combination with an on-board crane of the aircraft.

Ukraine’s Ruslan Aircraft Transports 82-Ton Shaft From UAE To Denmark

This is the largest cargo that an Antonov Airlines aircraft has transported this year.

Antonov To Inscribe Names Of Ukrainian Hero Cities On Fuselage Of Its Planes

The names of 10 Ukrainian hero cities will be inscribed on Antonov’s aircraft.

Ukraine’s Ruslan Aircraft Transports Power Plant Generator From Slovenia To Nigeria

The total weight of the cargo, including the generator, a turbine, and related equipment, was about 200 tons

Antonov To Supply An-32P Firefighting Aircraft To State Emergency Service

There are also plans to create a "European aviation fire safety hub" in Ukraine.

Antonov Completes Airframe Of First An-178 Aircraft Intended For Ukrainian Armed Forces

The construction of the An-178 model intended for flight certification tests has also been completed.

New Ukrainian Airline Performs First Flight On An-148 Aircraft

The flight was performed on the Kyiv-Mykolaiv route.

Antonov Airlines Plane Transports Largest Satellite In Company History

A Ukrainian An-124 aircraft delivered an American satellite.

Interview with Ukrposhta: With the Ruslan flight, we demonstrated that we can handle different volumes of cargo

A blitz interview with Yulia Pavlenko, the director of the department of international operations at Ukrposhta JSC.

Cause Of An-26 Plane Crash In Kharkiv Region Established

The An-26 aircraft’s final flight was fully recreated after its flight recorders were decoded.

Ukroboronprom Appoints New President Of Antonov State Aircraft Enterprise

Oleksandr Los was the acting president of Antonov until his appointment.

Ukroboronprom Replaces Antonov’s Director

Ukroboronprom’s General Director Aivaras Abromavicius signed the relevant order on June 9.

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