The Atlasjet Ukraine airline company (Lviv) intends to begin operating flights in late September-October this year and not in early September as previously planned, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

"Commencement of AtlasGlobal flights has been postponed due to revision of the company's flight schedule," the company said on its Facebook page.

Kharkiv-Istanbul, Istanbul-Lviv, and Zaporozhe-Istanbul flights will begin later than the dates announced earlier. Specifically, flights from Kharkov to Istanbul will begin on 28 September, from Zaporozhe to Istanbul on 12 October, and from Lvov to Istanbul on 26 October.

"For passengers that have already bought tickets, the airline guarantees full compensation or replacement tickets for other dates," the airline said.

Andrii Huk, a partner at Ante law firm, which represents Atlasjet Ukraine, told the Interfax Ukraine news agency that the launch of flights was postponed for technical reasons. In particular, according to him, the Turkish company AtlasGlobal has its own ADS sales system, and it was unable to conclude contracts and establish operations in Ukraine in such a short period.

"In addition, there is little time for an advertising campaign, and a decision was made to postpone the beginning of active regular flights," said Huk.

The Atlasjet Ukraine airline company was registered in Ukraine on 13 September 2013. It obtained a license to operate regular passenger flights from the Sta5te Aviation Service on 2 April 2014. AtlasGlobal is the commercial name used by the airline.