The Donau Touristik company (Austria) has chartered the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company’s Volga motor ship for 2018, the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company’s Chairman Dmytro Barynov has announced.

The charter agreement was signed last week. The Volga motor ship will make seven-day trips on the Passau-Budapest-Passau and Passau-Vienna-Passau routes from June 16 until the end of August.

"Based on the experience of the last two years, we expect the agreement to be extended for a longer period. The motor ship’s passengers will be bicycle tourists. Simultaneously, negotiations are being conducted with the main charterer of UDP’s passenger motor ship, the German company BigXra, which the shipping company has asked to charter the Volga motor ship from mid-April to June 16 2018," Barynov said.

Repair works are already underway on the Volga motor ship.