ASA Luftfahrt Formgestaltung GmbH (Vienna) has sold its 80% stake in the Air Onix airline company (Simferopol), the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports, citing the airline company’s filings in the disclosure system of the National Commission on Securities and the Stock Market.

At the same time, the Crimea-Didactics company (Simferopol) and the Onyx Group (Simferopol), each of which formerly owned a 10% stake in the airline company, have increased their stakes to 45% each.

In addition, an individual has acquired a 10% stake in Air Onix.

Crimea-Didactics and the Onyx Group are linked with Air Onix’s General Director Ihor Melnyk.

The Air Onix airline company was founded in 2007. It performed its first flight on April 28, 2012. It is based at the Simferopol international airport. It has a fleet of three medium-haul aircraft: a Boeing 737-300 and two Boeing 737-500 airplanes.

According to the Forbes magazine, Air Onix is the family business of Ukraine’s Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov.