The Avlita stevedoring company and the Marine Industrial Complex (both based in Sevastopol) are operating normally. This was announced by the press service of the Portinvest holding, of which the two companies are part.

"All obligations, including obligations under commercial agreements, are being implemented on time and in full," the press service said. According to it, the loading of grain onto another vessel was completed at the Avlita stevedoring company on Monday, and the vessel sailed following the completion of all formalities. Two more vessels are scheduled for loading.

In total, more than 370,000 tons of cargo (grain and metal), which correspond to the target, were loaded at the berths of the stevedoring company in February.

The Marine Industrial Complex completed the repair of two vessels and began the repair of a third last month.

The Portinvest holding is 100% owned by the SCM group (Donetsk). The holding is controlled by Portinvest LLC, which was created on September 30, 2010.

The holding consists of the Avlita stevedoring company, the Marine Industrial Complex, and Portinvest Logistics (Ilyichevsk, Odessa region). The holding also consists of the Yuzhny Marine Terminal and the Mariupol sea terminal, which are implementing investment projects at the Mariupol port, particularly projects involving construction of infrastructure for transshipment of grain and oil and a terminal for handling containers.