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Russian Missile Corvette Ivanovets Destroyed In Crimea

The corvette was sunk in Lake Donuzlav.

Transportation Of Coriander Via Kerch Ferry Crossing Banned

The restrictions also apply to scrap metal and tomato paste in barrels.

Bulgaria Comments On Russia’s Claim That Truck That Exploded On Crimean Bridge Came From Bulgaria

Commenting on Russia's statements, the European Commission noted that Crimea is part of Ukraine and said that the Kerch bridge is an illegal structure.

Russian Occupiers Shipping Stolen Ukrainian Grain Through Sevastopol Port

Over 100,000 tons of Ukrainian grain were exported through Sevastopol last month.

Half of Russia’s Combat Aircraft In Crimea Disabled By Explosions At Saky Air Base - Source

More than half of the Russian Black Sea fleet's naval aviation combat jets have been put out of use.

Russian Soldiers Stealing Railcars In Occupied Kherson, Dismantling Them, Sending Them To Crimea

The Russian occupiers have given railroad workers in the temporarily captured southern regions an ultimatum to redirect all damaged and undamaged gondola cars to Nova Kakhovka and Kherson.

Railway Used For Transporting Russian Military Equipment To Southern Ukraine Damaged In Crimea

The damage to the railway was caused by an ammunition explosion at a military unit.

Syrian Vessel Detained In Lebanon Was Carrying Flour Made From Berdiansk Wheat From Crimea

Ukraine’s ambassador to Lebanon announced this.

Court Orders Arrests 4 Of Vessels For Transporting Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Crimea

The ships entered the closed Crimean ports that are participating in the Russian occupiers’ illegal transportation of Ukrainian grain, thus serving as a tool for committing crimes.

Captains Of Ships That Illegally Transported Looted Ukrainian Grain From Crimea Served With Suspicion Notification

They are suspected of facilitating the loading of the ships with grain that Russia illegally seized in occupied Ukrainian territories and transporting the grain to third countries.

Russian Military Sends First Train Carrying Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Melitopol To Crimea

The occupiers say that these deliveries will be increased hundreds of times soon.

Russian Navy’s Aggressive Actions In Black And Azov Seas Blocking Trade Routes - Taran

According to the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Russia has also significantly “strengthened its air component” by additionally deploying all types of aircraft in the Crimea.

44 Russian Passenger Aircraft Seized For Illegally Flying To Crimea - Security Service Of Ukraine

This will make it possible to restrict flights, including flights to European countries, by aircraft belonging to the relevant air carriers in the future.

Restrictions On Flights Over Black Sea In Ukraine’s Zone Of Responsibility Lifted For U.S. Airlines

However, the ban on performance of flights in the eastern portion of the Dnipro flight information region (FIR) was extended for a year.

Ukrzaliznytsia Approves Creation Of Service Infrastructure At Chonhar Checkpoint

According to Ukrzaliznytsia’s acting board chairman, the Chonhar entry/exit checkpoint will be transformed into a modern and comfortable transport hub.

Infrastructure Ministry Condemns Launch Of Rail Link Between Russia And Crimea

The Ukrainian transport agency promises to fight the aggressor country’s infrastructural attacks.

Ukrainian Seaports Authority To Demand UAH 1.24 Billion From Russia For Its Assets In Crimea

The Ukrainian Seaports Authority will send a billion-hryvnia compensation claim to Russia before the end of the year.

Ukraine To Ask Russia To Return Equipment Missing From Returned Naval Vessels - Zelenskyi

According to President Zelenskyi, repair of the naval vessels will take about three months.

International Maritime Tribunal Orders Russia To Free Ukrainian Sailors And Return Captured Vessels

The tribunal ordered Russia to release the captured Ukrainian sailors immediately.

Sevastopol Seaport’s Cargo Volume Falls 30-Fold In 5 Years

There are currently plans to transport cargo to Syria from the port, which is located in the annexed Crimea.

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