Two subdivisions that will focus on operations with European and Asian countries will be created within the freight division of the Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company.

Ukrzaliznytsia’s Board Chairman Wojciech Balczun announced this on 10 August, the CFTS reports.

"We will create a freight division, UZ Cargo International, which will have two subdivisions called ‘West’ and ‘East’. The first will be in charge of our operations in Western Europe, we plan to extend our forwarding services to neighboring countries, and we will obtain licenses for transportation in the western direction. The ‘East’ subdivision will focus on cooperation with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran, We must use the ferries we have for transportation on the Black Sea," Balczun said.

The CFTS earlier reported that the management of Ukrzaliznytsia intended to create UZ Cargo International within the next six months.

The head of Ukrzaliznytsia recently said that the company should be gradually transformed into a player on the international transport market.

"The most important issue for me is for Ukrzaliznytsia to become a normal player, an effective business player that will competitively conduct an active policy not only in Ukraine, but also outside Ukraine. This is because competition for transportation of goods and passengers is not only at the level of individual countries. This competition takes place at the level of the global transport system and transport routes pass through different countries both vertically and horizontally, etc. It is necessary to use this for our benefit. My dream to be able to say sometime that we have ‘Ukrzaliznytsia International,’" Balczun said.