The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) plans to launch Eurocity 104 trains between Graz (Austria) and Przemysl (Poland) and launch Eurocity 105 trains in the opposite direction.

According to the Rynek Kolejowy publication, this is evidenced by a new train timetable published by the Austrian railway company, the CFTS portal reports.

According to the timetable, the first trains on these routes will be launched on December 15. ÖBB’s trains will consist of Class-1 and Class-2 cars. Train services to Poland and the Czech Republic will be operated jointly by railway companies based in these countries – PKP Intercity and České dráhy. Additional Czech wagons traveling to Graz will be attached to the train in Bohumin.

The train will depart from Graz at 05:28 and arrive at the Vienna central railway station at 08:02, Ostrava at 11:02, Krakow at 15:00, and Przemysl at 17:56. In the opposite direction, the train will depart at 10:14 and arrive in Vienna at 19:49 and Graz at 22:33.

According to ÖBB’s spokesperson Bernhard Rieder, it will be possible to transfer to trains traveling to Lviv and Odesa in Przemysl.

Information about ticket prices is not yet available.

The Odesa-Przemysl train No. 36, which passes through Lviv, arrives in the Polish city at 09:50, which is 25 minutes before the departure of the Przemysl-Graz train. In the opposite direction, the train will leave Przemysl for Odesa via Lviv at 18:39, which is 42 minutes after the arrival of the Graz-Przemysl train.

However, Intercity+ trains from Kyiv arrive after the departure time of the Przemysl-Graz train and depart before the arrival time of the Graz-Przemysl train.

As reported earlier, the Leo Express private passenger train operator planned to launch the first train from the Ukrainian border to Prague through Krakow by the end of 2019. The Polish railway administration received information about the planned train services on the Prague-Medyka-Prague route from Leo Express in January.

In the meantime, another Czech company, RegioJet, plans to launch a train from Prague to Przemysl and Ukraine’s Mostyska II railway station in June 2020.