Canadian manufacturing company Bombardier are regarding the possibility of organizing locomotive final assembly for the Ukrainian market. It was announced by Roman Matys, advisor to the chairman of the Lviv regional state administration.

Roman Matys noted that Bombardier does not consider the possibility of building a factory, but only a placement of orders.

"Company's representatives visited Lviv State Locomotive Repair Works and Electron Corporation. The agreement has not been signed yet, but they are interested in the Locomotive Repair Works. They are considering the possibility of allocation here the so-called final assembly of electric locomotives, when all the necessary details will be delivered here. Perhaps, it will be possible to talk about production in the future," – Matys said.

As reported, Infrastructure Minister Andrii Pyvovarskyi announced that Siemens and Bombardier have decided to invest in Ukraine. Hyundai Corporation intends to set up production in the Lviv region.