The Boryspil airport earned record revenues of UAH 4,097 million in 2017, the CFTS portal reports, citing data provided by the airport.

In addition, the airport’s pre-tax profit amounted to UAH 2,114 million in 2017, which is also a record.

For comparison, the airport earned revenues of UAH 3,617 million in 2016, UAH 3,081 million in 2015, and UAH 1,823 million in 2014. It earned a pre-tax profit of UAH 1 697 million in 2016, a pre-tax profit of UAH 859 million in 2015, and a loss of UAH 138 million in 2014.

The airport also reported expenditures of UAH 1,983 million for 2017, compared with UAH 1,920 million in 2016 and UAH 2,222 million in 2015.

For the first time, wages and social benefits to employees became the airport’s largest item of expenditure last year. The average wage at the Boryspil airport was UAH 12,240 in 2017, compared with UAH 9,080 in 2016.

The airport spent UAH 457 million on development of infrastructure in in 2017, including UAH 245 million on capital construction and UAH 154 million on acquisition of fixed assets.

In addition, the airport paid UAH 1,907 million to the state in 2017. This included UAH 1,251 million in dividends, UAH 281 million in profit tax, UAH 247 million in personal income tax and social insurance, and UAH 128 million in other payments. The total amount of payments to the state was UAH 1,560 million in 2016, including UAH 804 million in dividends.

As the CFTS reported earlier, the Boryspil airport handled 10,554,757 passengers in 2017, which is 22.1% more than it handled in 2016. Passenger traffic through the airport increased by 43.2% compared with 2015. Thanks to this growth dynamic, the Boryspil airport was declared one of the fastest growing airports in Europe in the category of 5-10 million passengers. 

A number of Asian, European, and American firms have shown strong interest in operating the Boryspil airport as a concession.