Bravo Airways is considering launching flights from Rivne to Lublin (Poland) and Georgia. The airline’s Director Viktor Telehin announced this in an exclusive interview with CFTS.

According to Telehin, the management of the Rivne airport has great interest in launching flights to Lublin. "The Polish side is also interested. We have asked the agents to analyze whether there is demand. We are waiting for their answer. If we see that there is potential, we will definitely fly..." he said.

"It is quite possible that we will fly to Georgia on 20 October, but under certain conditions. I am not going to say under which circumstances," he added.

As reported earlier, in September, the airline won the right to fly to Georgia during the period from 30 October 2016 to 29 October 2066, operating seven flights per week on the routes Batumi-Kyiv, Kyiv-Tbilisi, Kyiv-Kutaisi, Odesa-Batumi, Odesa-Tbilisi, and Odesa-Kutaisi.

In addition, the airline has spoken about the possibility of operating flights from Rivne and Krivyi Rig to Egypt in the winter.

"Together with our strategic partner - the TPG tourist company - we are currently considering an Egyptian program for the winter period," the director of Bravo Airways said.

As CFTS previously reported, Bravo Airways is examining the possibility of launching charter flights from the Kherson airport.