Supernova Airlines, which the Nova Poshta postal company created for its transportation needs, plans to double its fleet from two to four airplanes.

The airline’s General Director Yaroslav Krasnozhon announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Avianews publication.

Supernova Airlines currently leases two An-26 cargo aircraft. The airline plans to operate its first flights, which are expected to be between European airports, in the spring of 2023.

"We continue to look for two additional aircraft that meet our needs. We plan to lease them and operate a fleet of four aircraft until the end of 2024," Krasnozhon said.

According to him, further expansion of Supernova Airlines’ aircraft fleet will depend on the demand and volume of cargo that the airline will carry regularly.

The airline’s management has not yet disclosed the type of additional aircraft it plans to lease. Before Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Supernova Airlines had agreements to lease Boeing 757 aircraft for transporting cargo from the United States and Asia to Ukraine.

"The owner of the aircraft (Boeing 757) was forced to withdraw from the leasing agreement because the war-related risks turned out to be unacceptable to him. We understand the position of the owner, we are keeping in touch, and we will certainly resume negotiations after Ukraine achieves victory," the general director of Supernova Airlines said.