The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers approved the “Strategy for Revival of the Ukrainian Aircraft Manufacturing Industry for the Period until 2022” on May 10. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade announced this to the CFTS portal.

"Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world with the capability of a full production cycle for aviation equipment. However, we are currently seeing a drop in production and employment at aircraft manufacturing enterprises. The aircraft manufacturing industry is overly dependent on Russian counterparties. We must change this," said Stepan Kubiv, a head of department at the ministry.

The strategy provides for the following: optimization and modernization of production of the "An" family of aircraft; modernization and production of Mi helicopters; substitution of components imported from the Russian Federation; structural reform of enterprises in the aircraft manufacturing industry.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade is hoping that implementation of this strategy will increase production of aircraft and helicopters for domestic needs and preserve at least 60,000 jobs at Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing enterprises.

In addition, the government's goals in this area for the near future includes the creation of conditions for investment, introduction of international certification systems, improvement of the quality of aircraft manufacturing, and development of new models of a variety of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as modernization of the existing ones. 

As reported earlier, the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has 10 unfinished aircraft of the An-148 and An-158 models, which are in the final stages of production, in its warehouses. These aircraft cannot be completed yet because of the termination of the cooperation with Russia, which provided up to 50% of the components.