Cargo transportation by rail will total 26-29 million tons in September 2014, compared with 38.2 million tons in September 2013, according to calculations by CFTS Consulting, which are based on the current trends.

"The main reason for the fall in cargo flows is the blocking of railway traffic in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, where there is a high concentration of industrial facilities," said Dmytro Yahello, an analyst with CFTS Consulting.

Thus, transportation of the main railway cargo – coal – fell by a record margin in September 2014, and the volume of its transportation this month could be half the volume in September 2013.

In addition, high rates of decline (40-45%) are being observed in the loading volumes of such goods as ferrous metals, crude oil, petroleum products, coke, and ferrous scrap.

The only cargo showing a positive trend remains grain at +24%. Timber transportation also remains unchanged.