The volume of cargo transshipment at Ukrainian seaports reduced by 3.6% to 132.9 million tons in the period of January-November 2013, compared with the corresponding period of 2012.

According to the Administration of the Seaports, state-owned stevedores accounted for 48.6 million tons of this volume while private stevedores accounted for 83.4 million tons.

Transshipment of imported goods increased by 11.4% to 16.4 million tons, transshipment of domestic goods by 89.2 million tons, and transshipment of export goods by 0.5% to 89.2 million tons while transshipment of transit goods reduced by 24% to 24.6 million tons during that period.

Transshipment of containers increased by 7.5% to 712,219 TEU during this period.