The volume of cargo transshipment at Ukrainian seaports increased by 1.7% to 107 million tons in the period of January-September this year, compared with the same period of last year. The press service of the Administration Seaports of Ukraine (ASU) announced this in a statement, citing the latest data.

Transhipment of export cargo reduced by 1.8% to 75.157 million tons, transhipment of import cargo increased by 21.1% to 13.448 million tons, transhipment of transit cargo reduced by 20.8% to 12.810 million tons, and transhipment of coastal cargo increased by 277% to 5.609 million tons.

The volume of transhipment of containers at seaports reduced by 29.7% to 356,700 TEU, compared with January-September 2014.

Ports in mainland Ukraine increased transshipment by 3.7%. In particular, state port operators managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure handled 37.351 million tons (35% of the total) while other port operators (mainly private) handled 69.672 million tons (65% of the total) at all berths, including 37.127 million tons (35% of the total) at the ASU’s berths.