The volume of cargo transhipment at Ukrainian seaports reduced of by 10.5% to 32.073 million tons in the period of January-March this year, compared with the same period last year. This is shown by operational data from the Ukrainian Port Authority.

Transhipment of liquid bulk cargoes reduced by 32.9% to 2.573 million tons, dry cargoes by 9.8% to 22.283 million million tons, and unitized cargoes by 0.7% to 7.217 million million tons.

Container transhipment increased by 6.9% to 145,475 TEU in in January-March. The number of individual containers was 95,700 (up 10.3%) and they weighed a total of 1.97 million tons (up 9.6%).

Ore accounted for the largest volume of cargoes handled by Ukrainian seaports during that period with 8.596 million tons (down 14.9% compared with the first quarter of last year), followed by grain with 8.594 million tons (up 12.4%). Transshipment of rolled metal products totaled 3.284 million tons (down 1.9%), coal 1.727 million tons (down 40.7%), and sunflower oil 1.125 million tons (up 9.5%).

The volumes of transshipment of other types of cargo did not exceed 1 million tons in the first three months of this year.