The volume of cargo transshipment at Ukrainian seaports reduced by 5.3% to 117.7 million tons in the period of January-October this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year. The press service of the Administration of Seaports announced this in a statement.

State-owned stevedores under the control of the Ministry of Infrastructure handled 44.7 million tons (38% of the total volume of cargo traffic through Ukrainian seaports) and private companies handled 73 million tons (62%) through all berths or 39 million tons (33.1%) through the berths under the control of the Administration of Seaports.

The processing of imported goods at Ukrainian seaports increased by 10.4% to 15 million tons and cabotage by 36.3% to 2.4 million tons in January-October 2013. At the same time, the processing of export goods reduced by 2.9% to 77.5 million tons and the processing of transit goods reduced by 22.7% to 22.6 million tons.

The volume of container handling at seaports by stevedoring companies increased by 7.5% to 648,367 TEU in January-October, compared with January-October last year.