The cargo turnover of Ukraine’s Danube ports (the Ust-Danube, Izmail, and Reni ports) increased 3.5-fold to over 11 million tons in the period of January-September 2022, compared with the same period last year.

The Shipping Administration’s deputy head Viktor Vyshniov announced this at a meeting of the Danube Commission’s working group on legal and financial issues, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Shipping Administration.

"The Russian Navy has paralyzed commercial shipping in the Black Sea and Azov regions since the beginning of the war. The Danube shipping route has become an alternative to commercial maritime transport. Further development of Danube logistics is an important component of Ukraine's economic security," Vyshniov said.

He added that Danube ports are currently the main waterway for Ukraine’s agricultural exports and that the ports’ throughput capacity has increased to 1.5 million tons per month.

Vyshniov also commented on Ukraine's obligation to maintain sections of the Danube in navigable condition for river and the corresponding sections in navigable condition for sea vessels, as well as to create conditions for access to Danube ports during the Russian military aggression.

"As a responsible party under the Belgrade Convention, Ukraine is maintaining its sections of the Danube in navigable condition and performing all the work necessary to ensure and improve shipping conditions despite the Russian military aggression and the destruction of critical infrastructure," he said.

The participants in the meeting also paid attention to the Danube Commission’s international cooperation and the strategic areas of its operations.