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Interview with USPA Head Vostrikov: We Will Be Technically Ready to Export Goods from All the Port Terminals in Greater Odesa Soon

The first interview with Oleksii Vostrikov, the new head of the Ukrainian Seaports Authority (USPA).

UDP Fleet Continuing Operations Only In Lower Danube Due To Shallow Waters

Water levels in the River Danube are abnormally low.

Cargo Transshipment In Ukraine’s Danube Ports Up 3.7-Fold Since March - Infrastructure Ministry

According to the minister of infrastructure, work is currently underway to develop auxiliary railway infrastructure to increase the export potential of ports.

Liberation Of Snake Island And Unblocking Of Bystre Estuary Saving Businesses USD 0.5 Million Per Day - USPA

In addition, it will speed up the pace of pilotage of grain ships to Danube ports.

16 ships already passed through the estuary of Bystre to Ukrainian ports on the Danube as of July 12

However, the current canal's capacity is only 4 vessels per day.

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