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Japanese Engines To Be Installed On Ukrainian Ships In Austria

The process of modernization of the first vessel has already begun.

UDP Ship To Be Modernized In Austria

UDP's self-propelled vessel will receive new engines.

Russia's Membership In Danube Commission Ends On 1 March

The decision to exclude Russia was made in December last year.

Ukraine To Create New Export Route Along River Danube, Bypassing Polish Border

The new additional route is intended to increase Ukrainian exports to the level they were at the beginning of the war.

Cargo Turnover Of Danube Ports Exceeds 29 Million Tons In 2023

It increased almost six times compared with the pre-war period.

Ukraine’s Danube Ports Handle Almost 30 Million Tons Of Cargo In 11 Months Of 2023

The plan is to reach an export capacity of 4 million tons per month.

Cousteau's Famous Red Hat Given To Reni Museum

While in the port of Reni in 1984 to repair his bathyscaphe, the French explorer gave the hat to a port worker.

Passport Depths In The Port Of Izmail Will Be Increased To 7.2 m By The End Of The Year

Currently, dredging works are being carried out in the water area of ​​the Izmail port.

UDP Resumes Operation Of 1 Of 3 Sea-Going Vessels

The bulk carrier Vilkovo embarks on its maiden voyage after repairs.

One Of Most Powerful Floating Cranes On River Danube Begins Dredging Operation

UDP Initiates Creation Of Ukrainian Port Operator In Constanta

The shipping company proposes to create 3 additional anchorages in the port of Constanta, one of which will be assigned to Ukraine.

Russia Destroys Or Damages 105 Ukrainian Port Infrastructure Facilities In 2 Months

Businesses To Help Military Acquire Equipment To Counter Attacks On Ports

The aim is to build capacity to protect ports and other critical infrastructure.

Romanian Foreign Ministry Condemns Russian Attacks On Ukrainian Ports On River Danube

Romania believes that Russia's actions jeopardize the safety of navigation in the Black Sea.

Grain Transshipment To Be Launched In Ust-Danube Port’s Roadstead - USPA

This measure is being taken to increase cargo handling volumes.

UDP Frees 2 Vessels Arrested Due To Russian Lawsuit

The vessels were arrested more than a year ago because of a lawsuit filed by the NIS Gazprom Neft company.

Number Of Vessels In Danube Ports Down 2.5-Fold In 1 Week

The number of ships in the port of Reni decreased to 12 on Monday, compared with 58 last week.

Shallowing of River Danube And Russian Attacks Constrain Izmail And Reni Ports’ Operations

The port of Reni is currently operating mainly as a warehouse.

Romania Condemns Russian Attack On Ukrainian Port On River Danube

Attacks by Russian UAVs of Iranian manufacture caused significant destruction.

Russia Attacks Danube Port Infrastructure With Drones

A hangar storing grain was destroyed and tanks for storage of other types of cargo were damaged in the attacks.

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