The dredging fleet of China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC), which won a tender for performance a number of dredging works at the Yuzhny seaport, arrived at the seaport on July 4.

According to the Ukrainian Seaports Authority, the fleet arrived on board the Eagle vessel. The first batch of CHEC’s dredging fleet consists of six vessels: a dredger, a self-propelled barge, two non-self-propelled barges, a tug, and an anchor-handling boat.

The CHEC fleet will perform dredging works in the internal water area of the Yuzhny seaport in accordance with contracts signed for two projects.

As reported, the Ukrainian Seaports Authority and China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. signed a contract for dredging the Yuzhny port on May 18. 2017. The agreement provides for performance of dredging work to create an operational water area with a depth of 16 meters near the port’s berth No. 25.

The Yuzhny port authority signed a second contract with CHEC for reconstruction of the port’s maritime approach channel on May 25, 2017. Under the terms of this contract, CHEC will dredge the maritime approach channel and operational water area of the port’s berths Nos. 5-6 from 19 meters to 21 meters.