China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. began dredging work at the Yuzhny port on July 20. The relevant information was posted on the Facebook page of China Harbor Ukraine. According to the information, "the work will continue until the end of December 2019."

As reported, CHEC will perform dredging works in the internal water area of the Yuzhny seaport in accordance with contracts signed for two projects: the project for "Reconstruction of the Water Approaches, Shunting Zones, and Operational Water Areas of the Yuzhny Seaport” and the project for "Reconstruction of the Maritime Approach Channel and Inland Water Approaches to the Yuzhny Seaport’s Deep-Water Berths Nos. 5-6."

According to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, dredging work aimed at increasing the water depths to 16 meters is currently being performed to allow the launch of the MV Cargo terminal, which is one of the largest grain loading complexes in Ukraine. The total design volume of the dredging work is 4,393,075 cubic meters. The work here will continue until March 31, 2018.

As reported earlier, the Chinese company will bring a few more pieces of its dredging fleet to the Yuzhny port before the end of the summer.