The Ministry of Infrastructure has announced the composition of the board of PJSC Ukrainska Zaliznytsia, which was appointed by a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on 7 October.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukrzaliznytsia will be headed by the following: Ukrzaliznytsia’s current acting General Director Oleksandr Zavhorodnyi; Ukrzaliznytsia’s Director for Corporate Governance and Personnel Motivation Oksana Marina; Ukrzaliznytsia’s Director of Infrastructure Serhii Mykhalchuk; Ukrzaliznytsia’s Director for Reform, Legal and Property Policy Yevhen Kravtsov. In addition to them, German citizen Stefan Hofsaess, who is the adviser to the Minister of infrastructure on railway reform, will join the board after obtaining a work permit.

According to the press release, the composition of the board is expected to be expanded as soon as other candidates are selected: the selection of five more people is continuing. The government's decision will come into force after the publication of the relevant resolution in the official media.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Ukrzaliznytsia’s acting head Zavhorodnyi, who will temporarily head PJSC Ukrainska Zaliznytsia, has predicted that the new company will be registered in October and 100% of the shares in it will be owned by the state.

PJSC Ukrainska Zaliznytsia is being created on the basis of Ukrzaliznytsia as well as more than 50 rail transport enterprises and institutions, which will be merged.

The list of enterprises on the basis of which PJSC Ukrainska Zaliznytsia will be established includes six railways, railcar repair plants, state railway enterprises, rail transport design and research institutes, and several technological design and engineering bureaus.

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