A batch of diesel fuel produced in the United States arrived in Ukraine in early February. It was the first case of importation of petroleum products from the United States onto the Ukrainian market in history.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Enkorr publication.

"A tanker with 100,000 deadweight tons was received at the port of Hamburg, from where we pick up the product in smaller tankers of 30,000 tons and take it to our terminal in Poland. This first batch has already begun arriving in Ukraine," said the UPG company, which imported this batch of diesel fuel.

According to data provided by UPG, the petroleum products were loaded onto the tanker in the U.S. port of Garyville (Louisiana).

The company believes that the experience gained from the first deliveries shows that there are good prospects for the continuation of this operation.

"Currently, the situation in Europe is very good, there are large stocks, and there is a tendency for prices to fall. However, we will try to increase the supply of the American product because of the logistical convenience of working with these batches and the favorable pricing," UPG said.

"In my memory, this is the first case of delivery of American petroleum products to Ukraine in history. This is a very symbolic event because it shows how the Ukrainian and European markets are being transformed as a result of anti-Russian sanctions. This is the best illustration of the destruction of the myth that life without Russian petroleum products is unrealistic," said Serhii Kuiun, director of the A95 Consulting Group.