On 21 of March in Warsaw, Poland, TOR Transport Consultants Group together with the Railway Business Forum association is organizing the 2019 edition of the European Rolling Stock Forum.

It is the largest and most prestigious event in the CEE devoted to the matters of modern rolling stock, organized since 2010.

In 2019 we will talk about: mergers on Polish and European rolling stock market, future of rail freight and passenger vehicles and important European regulations. Each year the event gathers about 200 experts and top level managers representing companies and institutions active on the rolling stock market in Central and Eastern Europe.

About organisers:TOR Transport Consultants Group is a consultancy company and a media house active on the railway market since 1998. We are the publisher of Rynek Kolejowy magazine and rynek-kolejowy.pl website, the most important rail media in Poland. Railway Business Forum (RBF) association gathers nearly 100 Polish rail companies, including many producers of vehicles and rolling stock components.