The political events in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea have frozen the passage of Russian transit cargo through the Kerch merchant seaport. "The political tensions in the Crimea have had a negative impact on the operations of the Kerch seaport. Cargoes passing on transit from the Russian Federation have been stopped, and that is about 250,000 tons of coal from a partner with which we have worked and about 50,000 tons from a company with which talks have been held on attracting cargoes,” the Kerch merchant seaport administration’s spokeswoman Yevgenia Smirnova told the Center for Transport Strategies.

According to Smirnova, the port cannot exercise its ability to attract cargoes while the situation involving the customs and border services remains unclear. The port itself is in full working order, and it is ready to receive cargoes. "An unspecified period of time needs to pass in order to restore relations, return cargoes, and calm the market," she concluded.