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The Kryukov Railcar Building Works public joint-stock company has become the first enterprise in Ukraine to be certified to produce freight cars for the 1435-mm track gauge, having met the requirements of the European Union’s Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI).

This was reported by the CFTS portal, citing the publication Railway Supply.

In accordance with European standards, the company's experts designed a type Sggrss 80-foot intermodal platform car (flatcar) for the transportation of containers. Two prototypes of the platform car were manufactured and tested at the European Union’s testing grounds.

The certificates issued to the company and entered into the database of the European Union Railway Agency (ERA) confirm that the platform car meets all applicable requirements.

According to the report, the new product will allow the Kryukov Railcar Building Works to expand its markets and meet the needs of companies based in the European Union, as well as the needs of the Ukrainian Railways joint-stock company (Ukrzaliznytsia) and other Ukrainian operators using the 1435-mm track gauge.


The platform cars were approved for operation throughout the European Union’s rail network.

As reported previously, the company completed the testing of the new platform car model for the EU market in July 2022.

In 2021, the company began developing railcars to the European Union’s standards. The first railcar it produced was a type Sggrss 80-foot articulated platform car with the following specifications: a length of 26.39 meters with buffers; a deck height of 1155 millimeters above rails; a tare weight of 27 tons; a maximum payload of 108 tons at 100 km/h or 93 tons at 120 km/h.

The testing of the two prototypes for compliance with the European Union’s WAG TSI and Noise TSI standards was completed in the summer of 2022 and the process of their approval by the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) for mass production began in the first quarter of 2023.