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Ukrzaliznytsia Receives Largest Number Of Railcars In 25 Years In 2018

The company bought or manufactured 3,350 railcars.

Lease Auction For Ukrzaliznytsia Railcars Launched On ProZorro

14 lots are on auction.

Lemtrans Adds 110 New Ukrainian-Made Wagons To Its Fleet

The gondola cars were purchased under a five-year financial lease agreement with Privatbank.

Antimonopoly Committee Proposes Granting Private Locomotive Operators Access To Public Railways

The AMCU considers UZS tariffs on railcar rental as market-based and sees that the lack of private traction impedes competition in the market.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Index Freight Rates By 16.6% From February And 2.5% Quarterly

Freight rates will be indexed automatically if the company’s requirements are met from May 1.

150-170 Railcars Stolen Daily In Ukraine

Three full-fledged trains are subjected to theft every day.

Ukrzaliznytsia Uncovers 130 Railway Stations That Load Less Than One Full Railcar Per Day

Ukrzaliznytsia analyzed loading/unloading operations at 945 train stations

Ukrzaliznytsia Begins Creating Unusual Cars for Freight Transportation

The universal flatcars are being converted at a railcar repair depot in Zdolbuniv.

ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih to Double Its Fleet of Gondola Cars in 2018

ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih have already purchased 500 gondola cars this year.

Ukrzaliznytsia’s Fleet Of Grain Hopper Wagons Increases By 22% In January-July 2018

Ukrzaliznytsia plans to change the concept for transportation of grain cargoes

Shortage Of Gondola Cars In Ukraine Will Reach 18,000 By 2021

Ukraine has sufficient manufacturing capacity to cover this shortage of rolling stock.

CFTS-Consulting Performed the Review of Ukraine's Grain Hoppers Market for One of ABCD Trader

The study contains a comprehensive research of cargo flows, grain hoppers fleet and its forecast up to 2025.

CFTS-Consulting performed market study for the EBRD 150 mln USD loan for gondolas purchasing by UZ

The market study contains a forecast of UZ cargo flow till 2032.

Ukrzaliznytsia Invites Tenders For Supply Of Compartment Cars Worth UAH 1.5 Billion

The tender is divided into four lots.

Ukrzaliznytsia Builds First 1,000 Railcars In 2018

The largest numbers of gondola cars were built by the Paniutynskyi railcar repair plant

Ukrzaliznytsia Adds To Its Fleet Of Freight Cars

Ukrzaliznytsia built 2,604 railcars at its own facilities in 2017.

New Railcar Manufacturer Being Appeared in Ukraine

The company is capable of producing up to 200 freight cars per month.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Take Delivery Of 10,000 Freight Wagons In 2018

Ukrzaliznytsia will buy 2,475 gondola cars with its own funds

Ukrzaliznytsia Planning To Purchase 2,500 Gondola Cars In 2018

Ukrzaliznytsia will possibly buy fewer freight cars with EBRD funds

Ukrzaliznytsia Builds 2,333 Gondola Cars In 2017

Ukrzaliznytsia has acquired 65 container flatcars and 25 gondola cars this year.