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Number Of Grain Wagons Unloaded In Greater Odesa Ports Falls Significantly

The number of grain wagons unloaded in the ports of Greater Odesa is 92 per day, compared with 700 to 900 per day previously.

Passenger Wagon Hit At Kherson Train Station During Russian Attack - Ukrzaliznytsia

A conductor was injured in the attack; he is receiving medical help.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Purchase 200 Wagons For European-Gauge Rail Tracks In Addition To Existing 40

Ukrzaliznytsia already has tank cars of the 1435-mm track gauge.

Kyiv To Purchase Open-Gangway Subway Cars

An auction will take place at the end of February.

Dniprovahonmash Produces 623 Freight Cars In 2022

This is 35% more than the number of freight cars it produced in 2021.

World Bank To Provide Ukrzaliznytsia USD 25 Million For Purchasing Container Flatcars

This is part of a larger World Bank grant for financing Ukraine’s transport sector.

TAS Group Acquires 40% Of Austrian ТransAnt

Localizing production at Dniprovahonmash in Ukraine, TAS is launching the production of modern models of freight cars.

Ukrzaliznytsia Postpones Ban On Transportation Of Grain In Gondola Cars

However, the company believes that the initial decision that such a ban is necessary is right.

Actual Speed Of Freight Cars On Railways Down In December - Ukrzaliznytsia

Russian attacks on critical infrastructure were stated as the reason for this.

Kryukov Railcar Works Delivers 25 Passenger Cars To Ukrzaliznytsia In 2022

UAH 1.8 billion in state budget funds has been unblocked in 2022 to allow full financial settlement between Ukrzaliznytsia and the Kryukov Railcar Building Works.

570,000 Tons Of Grain Loaded In First 7 Days Of December Despite Missile Strikes And Power Outages - Ukrzaliznytsia

The average daily loading volume was 81,000 tons.

Railcar Loadings On Russian Railways Continue To Fall

Scrap metal, timber, and coke accounted for the biggest falls in transport volumes in November.

500 Cement Hoppers, Mineral Hoppers, And Gondola Cars Loaded With Grain Pile Up On Ukrainian-Polish Border

The reason is that the Polish sanitary agency is not allowing them through.

Ukraine’s Railcar Manufacturing Plants Deliver 151 Freight Cars To Customers In September 2022

The structure of sales changed in favor of flatcars, which now make up 46% of railcar manufacturing plants’ sales, for the first time in September.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Engage 500 Additional Grain Wagons In Transportation Of Agricultural Products

Ukrzaliznytsia currently has an operating fleet of about 7,000 grain wagons.

Russian Soldiers Stealing Railcars In Occupied Kherson, Dismantling Them, Sending Them To Crimea

The Russian occupiers have given railroad workers in the temporarily captured southern regions an ultimatum to redirect all damaged and undamaged gondola cars to Nova Kakhovka and Kherson.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Purchase Railcar Sets Worth UAH 120 Million By End Of Year

The Kremenchuk steel plant, a potential bidder, has already demanded that Ukrzaliznytsia raise the expected purchase price "to the market level."

Kyiv Court Transfers 25% Stake In Kryukov Railcar Building Works To Asset Recovery Agency

Investigators believe that the Kryukov Railcar Building Works bought components for rolling stock at inflated prices from Russian companies involved in Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine.

Cost Of Transporting Export Grain In Ukrzaliznytsia’s Wagons Increases To UAH 20,000 Per Day

The cost has soared nine-fold.

Interpipe Develops New Type Of Railway Wheels For EU Market

The company has already shipped a pilot batch to the customer.

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