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The European Market is Our Home Market: Interview with the Technical Director of Interpipe's Railway Products Division

Russian Occupiers Resume Operation Of Stakhanov Railcar Plant In Luhansk Region

The Russians claim that the plant has already produced 145 freight cars.

TAS Group To Become Majority Owner Of Austrian-Based TransAnt

The Ukrainian company recently acquired a 40% stake in the Austrian manufacturer.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Buy Locomotive For Transporting Freight In Poland

The traction rolling stock could also be leased.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Build 120 Grain Cars For 1520-MM And European Track Gauges This Year

The main advantage of the railcars is that they can transport goods within Ukraine and abroad without transfers.

First Ukrainian Plant Certified To Produce 1435-MM Gauge Platform Cars

The company’s intermodal platform car is certified for operation on the entire EU rail network.

Czech-Based RegioJet Willing To Order Railcars From Kryukov Railcar Works

But the rolling stock must meet EU standards.

Ukrzaliznytsia Signs Contract With Kryukov Railcar Works For Production Of 44 Passenger Railcars

Under the terms of the contract, the new railcars will be manufactured and delivered within the next two years.

Dniprovahonmash Delivers First MultiBox Wagons For Operation In EU

The wagons are currently undergoing the necessary tests for compliance with European standards.

Ukrzaliznytsia Invites Tenders For Supply Of 44 New Passenger Railcars

The company expects to take delivery of the new railcars by the end of 2025.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Build European-Sized Prototype Grain Hopper Car

The company has already mastered the production of flatcars, grain hoppers, and dump cars.

Ukrzaliznytsia Planning To Build Passenger Railcars

The company is currently in the preparatory stage of this process.

Ukrzaliznytsia Presents Railcars Adapted For People With Limited Mobility

The integration of electro-hydraulic lifts into future designs of long-distance passenger cars was declared one of the best solutions.

Number Of Grain Wagons Unloaded In Greater Odesa Ports Falls Significantly

The number of grain wagons unloaded in the ports of Greater Odesa is 92 per day, compared with 700 to 900 per day previously.

Passenger Wagon Hit At Kherson Train Station During Russian Attack - Ukrzaliznytsia

A conductor was injured in the attack; he is receiving medical help.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Purchase 200 Wagons For European-Gauge Rail Tracks In Addition To Existing 40

Ukrzaliznytsia already has tank cars of the 1435-mm track gauge.

Kyiv To Purchase Open-Gangway Subway Cars

An auction will take place at the end of February.

Dniprovahonmash Produces 623 Freight Cars In 2022

This is 35% more than the number of freight cars it produced in 2021.

World Bank To Provide Ukrzaliznytsia USD 25 Million For Purchasing Container Flatcars

This is part of a larger World Bank grant for financing Ukraine’s transport sector.

TAS Group Acquires 40% Of Austrian ТransAnt

Localizing production at Dniprovahonmash in Ukraine, TAS is launching the production of modern models of freight cars.

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