All trains operated by the Ukrainian High-Speed Railway Company will have free Wi-Fi before the end of August. Oleksandr Krasnoshtan, the head of the company’s forecasting, marketing, and advertising department, announced this at a meeting of the Airports of Ukraine association’s strategic development committee on 18 June, the CFTS correspondent reports.

"We plan to technically resolve this issue before the beginning of August. The coverage will be good," he said.

The issue will be fully resolved by the end of the month. Currently, free Wi-Fi is available on the Ukrainian High-Speed Railway Company’s trains traveling to Kharkov (it was test-launched on May 27). Krasnoshtan said that wireless internet would be available on a second train in the coming days.

As reported earlier, wireless internet was available on the Ukrainian High-Speed Railway Company’s high-speed trains until February last year. The service was later discontinued.