Romanian ports processed about 26.89 million tons of cargo during the period of January-June 2016. This represents an increase of 3.21% compared with the first half of last year. The key cargo remains grain, transshipment of which reduced by 25.6%, according to the Romanian media.

The Port of Constanta, which is the largest port in Romania, handled 22.9 million tons of cargo in the first six months of 2016, which is 5.22% more than it handled in the same period of 2015. Grains continue to hold the largest share of the total volume of cargo turnover. This figure reduced to 35.61% at the end of June (44.53% the previous year). The Port of Constanta’s container turnover was about 3.65 million tons or 362,600 TEU, representing increases of 8.87% and 7.96% respectively.

The Port of Midia transshipped 3.89 million tons of cargo, a 10.67% increase. The positive dynamics was due to a 16.06% increase in the flow of cargoes of crude oil and petroleum products.

The Port of Mangalia handled about 0.09 million tons of cargo. This is the only Romanian port with a drop (by 6.32%) in the volume of cargo handling.

Following are the statistics for the total turnovers of the main types of cargoes in ports: 7.85 million tons of grain (-25.60%), 3.74 million tons of crude oil (+11.63%), 3.12 million ton of petroleum products (+19.77%), 1.69 million tons of non-ferrous metal ores and scrap (+3.29%), 1.34 million tons of iron ore and scrap (+1.89%), 1.33 million ton of fertilizers (+86.09%), 1.23 million tons of coal (-18.97%), 997,000 tons of metal (+30.77%), 471,000 ton of food products (+34.44%), 337,000 tons of chemicals (-10.92%), 330,000 tons of timber (-27.66%), and 303,000 tons of oilseeds (-7.20%).