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76 Vessels Waiting For Permission To Enter Ukrainian Ports - Bratchuk

The Odesa regional military administration’s spokesperson also said that 33 loaded vessels were being readied for inspection in Turkish territorial waters.

9 UN-Chartered Vessels Depart Ukrainian Ports For Africa And Asia Under Black Sea Grain Initiative

Since the launch of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, 11.6 million tons of Ukrainian food have been exported.

Grain Initiative Extended For 4 Months

Ukraine has proposed extending the Grain Initiative for one year and including the Mykolaiv seaport in it.

Ukraine Has Lost Over 9 Million Tons Of Granary Capacity Due To War - KSE

According to KSE analysts, the estimated cost of repairing the damaged and replacing destroyed granaries is about USD 1.1 billion.

Nibulon Has Lost USD 416 Million And 20,000 Hectares Of Land Due To War - Vadaturskyi

The company has also lost control over some of its granaries.

Another Vessel Carrying Ukrainian Wheat Departs For Ethiopia

The UN World Food Program chartered the vessel.

Zelenskyi Signs Decree On Provision Of Humanitarian Aid To Countries In Africa And Asia

The Foreign Affairs Ministry will compile a list of countries in need of food.

UDP Transships Soy From Barge To Ship In Port Of Constanta

Transshipment is performed in 2-3 days under the new scheme.

2 UN-Chartered Bulk Carriers Being Loaded With Wheat In Greater Odesa Ports

About 80,000 tons of Ukrainian food wheat will help meet the needs of countries on the brink of starvation.

14 Vessels To Enter Greater Odesa Ports In Two Days Under Black Sea Grain Initiative

Over 270,000 tons of grain will be loaded onto the ships.

88 Vessels Awaiting Permission To Enter Ukrainian Ports Under Black Sea Grain Initiative - JCC

18 loaded vessels are preparing for inspection in Turkish territorial waters.

Lloyd's Resumes Cargo Insurance For Black Sea Grain Corridor

Other insurers also provide insurance cover through the Ascot facility.

10 Million Tons Of Ukrainian Agricultural Products Exported To 43 Countries Via ‘Grain Corridor’

Seven vessels carrying 290,000 tons of grain left the ports of Greater Odesa on 3 November.

Deutsche Bahn Unable To Export Grain From Ukraine At Full Capacity Due To EU Bureaucracy

The company believes that it is necessary to expand the infrastructure and speed up border procedures at the EU’s external borders.

Russian Defense Ministry Announces Russia Resuming Participation In ‘Grain Agreement’

The ministry said it had received written guarantees that Ukraine would not use the "grain corridor" to conduct military operations against Russia.

Blocking Of ‘Grain Corridor’ Could Provoke Significant Increase In Grain Prices - Solskyi

The Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy believes that an increase in prices will be felt even in those countries that have never bought Ukrainian grain.

17 Vessels Pass Through Humanitarian Maritime Corridor In 2 Days Under Grain Initiative - Infrastructure Ministry

In the three months since the launch of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, 422 vessels have exported almost 10 million tons of agricultural products.

12 Ships Leave Greater Odesa Ports On Monday Under ‘Grain Initiative’

The "grain corridor" continues to operate.

Russia Trying To Provoke Inflation Rise In Europe By Withdrawing From Grain Initiative

In this way, the Russian Federation is also trying to increase social tensions in the EU and earn money by exporting its own grain.

Almost No Free Grain Storage Capacity Left In Greater Odesa Ports

Out of the 2.4 million tons of storage capacity in the granaries at the ports, only 0.3 million tons remain.

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