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Mostyska Terminal Begins Loading Grain Into Maritime Containers

Stuffed containers are shipped to EU ports.

Ship Delivering Stolen Ukrainian Grain To Syria Spotted In Bosporus

Russian Occupiers Launch Grain Terminal In Berdiansk Port

The newly launched terminal serves as a hub for receiving and shipping.

Russians Load Another Ship With Stolen Ukrainian Grain In Mariupol Port

About 60,000 tons of cargo have been shipped from the occupied port since the beginning of this year.

Another Ship With Ukrainian Grain Arrives In Sudan

Ukraine continues to deliver grain to African countries even though the Russians have damaged or destroyed 215 Ukrainian port infrastructure facilities.

Transit Of Russian Grain Through Lithuania Increases Sharply In 1 Month

At the same time, the Baltic state has significantly restricted grain imports from Russia.

Over 36 Million Tons Of Cargo Exported Via Black Sea Corridor

Of these, 25 million tons were agricultural products and about 10 million tons were mining and metal products.

Another Ship With 7,600 Tons Of Stolen Ukrainian Grain Leaves Mariupol Port

Since the beginning of the year, the occupiers have exported at least 30,000 tons of grain through the port.

Russian Occupiers Ship Over 29,000 Tons Of Stolen Grain From Mariupol Port In January-February

The agricultural products were shipped to Lebanon and Turkey.

Two Ships With Stolen Ukrainian Grain Stop Near Bosporus

Earlier, they were loaded in the port of Sevastopol in the Russian-occupied Crimea.

Russian Occupiers Ship 7,800 Tons Of Stolen Grain From Mariupol

Russians have shipped over 21,000 tons of stolen Ukrainian grain from the port since the beginning of 2024.

26 Million Tons Of Cargo Exported Through Ukraine’s Black Sea Corridor

In total, 93% of Ukraine's agricultural products are exported through the ports of Greater Odesa and the Danube River.

Polish Government Says Ukrainian Grain Cited As Reason For Border Blockade Does Not Remain In Poland

Poland’s deputy minister of agriculture said that Ukrainian grain is currently transported in transit through Poland and not imported.

Polish Protesters Dump Grain From Freight Cars Bound For Germany

About 4 tons of grain were dumped out of two freight cars.

Polish Farmers Plan To Prevent Transfer Of Ukrainian Cargo At Hrubieszów Station

Farmers intend to prevent the reloading of Ukrainian agricultural goods from railcars onto trucks.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Build 120 Grain Cars For 1520-MM And European Track Gauges This Year

The main advantage of the railcars is that they can transport goods within Ukraine and abroad without transfers.

Russians Export Another Batch Of Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Crimea

The San Cosmas vessel transported 6,500 tons of sunflower stolen from the Zaporizhia region through the port of Feodosiia.

The Ukrainian Maritime Corridor is the Key Breakthrough of 2023

We analyze the efforts required to launch the temporary maritime export route, why it is important, and what is needed to expand Ukraine's maritime capabilities.

Russia Continues To Increase Flour Exports To World Markets

Russia recently admitted that the increase in its flour exports is facilitated by a decrease in flour exports from Ukraine.

Ports In Occupied Crimea Increase Cargo Transshipment 7 Times

The sharp increase in cargo transshipment is connected with the export of agricultural products from the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia.

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