Italy lifted all restrictions on flights to Ukraine. Andriy Guck, the aviation expert and partner of law firm "Ante", who was present at the session of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, announced this.

Some experts noted that restrictions on flights between Ukraine and Italy had already removed in 2013.

"It's a return to 2013, when between the two countries were 35 frequencies a week. All of them were distributed, but the fights were rare. The new airlines entered (the market), but they could not get the destination s. Liberalization allowed Wizz Air Ukraine to fly from Donetsk and Lviv to Italy. UIA received some destination s to the regional Italian airports. UTair-Ukraine has received the destinations," Sergiy Khyzhnyak, the aviation expert, said.

As reported earlier, the Open Skies Treaty between Ukraine and the EU has not been signed due to the territorial dispute between Spain and Britain over Gibraltar.

In January, the open skies regime began to operate between Ukraine and the USA.