Ukraine exported 39.4 million tons of grain worth USD 6.4 billion during the 2017/2018 marketing year (July 2017-June 2018). This represents a 10.1% reduction compared with the volume that was exported in the 2016/2017 marketing year. This is evidenced by data from the State Fiscal Service and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, the CFTS reports.

According to the data, the largest buyers of Ukrainian grain were Egypt (which bought grain worth USD 724 million or 11.4% of Ukraine’s total exports), China (USD 594 million or 9.3%), Spain (USD 459 million or 7.2%), Indonesia (USD 375 million or 5.9%), and the Netherlands (USD 348 million or 5.5%).

Ukraine exported 17.8 million tons of maize worth USD 2.86 billion (China accounted for 16.4%, Egypt 13.6%, and the Netherlands 12.2%), 17.2 million tons of wheat worth USD 2.83 billion (Indonesia accounted for 13.3%, Egypt 11.8%, and Bangladesh 8.7%), and 4.3 million tons of barley worth USD 0.64 billion (Saudi Arabia accounted for 41.2% %, China 19.3%, and Libya 6.6%).

According to the data, 99% of this volume of grain (39 million tons) was exported by sea. The largest volumes of the export grain were handled by the Chornomorsk seaport (22%), the Odesa seaport (19%), the Yuzhny seaport (19%), and the Mykolaiv seaport (18%). In addition, 0.8% of the total volume of grain (306,000 tons) was exported by rail and 0.2% (about 80,000 tons) by road.