The movement of trucks and buses to the occupied territories through the only existing crossing point in the Luhansk region will be banned, the Luhansk region’s Governor Hennadii Moskal has announced. The UP publication reported this, citing Moskal’s press service.

According to the report, the decision to close the crossing point was made because central government agencies have failed to react to the need for legislative resolution of the issue of crossing the ceasefire line.

According to Moskal, the temporary procedure for controlling the movement of people, vehicles, and goods is flawed, it provides grounds to accuse the security forces of abuse of power and corruption, and it provokes a sharply negative attitude among the local population to the law enforcement authorities and the Ukrainian government as a whole.

In addition, Moskal believes that the temporary procedure is ineffective because the crossing of the separation line at many places is uncontrolled.

"I, as the head of the military and civil administration, have no other choice but to prohibit the movement of trucks and buses through the only existing official crossing point in the Luhansk region - the Lisichansk-Gornoye-Zolotoye-Pervomaysk crossing point," said Moskal.

At the same time, the movements of cars and pedestrians through this crossing point are unaffected.