In the Russian-occupied part of the Luhansk region, attempts are being made to resume production at the Stakhanov railcar manufacturing plant, which was one of the largest railcar factories in Ukraine before the war.

A day earlier, Russian media quoted the head of Russia’s Federal Rail Transport Agency (Roszheldor) as saying that the Stakhanov railcar manufacturing plant "has already produced the first 145 railcars," the CFTS portal reports.

It is worth noting that wagon-building plants can be used to repair military equipment. Therefore, it is possible that the restoration of the plant's work is connected precisely with the military needs of the occupiers.

Before the Russian occupation of the Donbas, the Stakhanov railcar manufacturing plant was one of the largest manufacturers of railway rolling stock with a full cycle of freight car production in Ukraine.

In the fall of 2013, the plant began laying off workers because of a drop in production following Russia's restrictions on the import of railcars from Ukraine. In 2014, the plant suspended operations because of hostilities in the region and ended up in the occupied territory.

The plant produced 2,718 railcars in 2013 and planned to produce 5,900 in 2014. However, it produced only 502 freight cars in 2014 because of the war started by the Russians.