The head of the Ukrainian Shipping Administration, Yevhen Ihnatenko, has announced that the yacht that was seized from Viktor Medvedchuk, a Russian collaborator and traitor to Ukraine, has been officially transferred to Ukraine, the CFTS portal reports.

"Through the joint efforts of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency and the Shipping Administration, the 92-meter luxury yacht, Royal Romance, which was confiscated, has been designated as a Ukrainian vessel. This means that the vessel is now the national property of Ukraine and falls under the country’s jurisdiction," he said.

Ihnatenko presented the pertinent Certificate of Right to Sail under the State Flag of Ukraine and noted that the necessary changes have already been implemented at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

"This is a historic moment. The first asset to be seized abroad in the history of Ukraine has received state registration in Ukraine. This will facilitate the subsequent sale of the seized yacht and the transfer of the proceeds from the sale to the state budget of Ukraine," Ihnatenko said.