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World Shipping Council Urges Stricter Monitoring Of Compliance With Sanctions Against Russia

It recommends that the European Commission improve the European legislation on sanctions compliance in the shipping industry.

Russian Ports Increase Exports By 3% In First Quarter 2024

The volume of cargo transshipment in Russian ports on the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea decreased slightly, but the volume of cargo transshipment in the port of Novorossiysk increased by 6%.

Russia’s Seaborne Oil Exports Increase To Highest Level In 2024

Improved weather in the Far East facilitated the increase in Russia’s crude oil exports.

More Than 11 Million Tons Of Russian Crude Oil Shipped To EU Countries In Violation Of Embargo

Almost 70% of this amount was transshipped off the coast of Greece, but there were also direct ship calls at European ports.

One-Third Of Russian Crude Oil Transported By Tankers Insured In Britain - CREA

China And India Largest Importers Of Russian Crude Oil In 2023

Deliveries of crude oil from Russia to Europe decreased tenfold.

Another Russian Vessel With Stolen Ukrainian Grain Was Spotted In The Bosphorus

Russian Ports Increase Cargo Handling By Almost 6% In First 11 Months Of 2023 Despite Sanctions

Russian ports in the Azov-Black Sea basin increased cargo handling by 12%.

Russia Continues To Increase Flour Exports To World Markets

Russia recently admitted that the increase in its flour exports is facilitated by a decrease in flour exports from Ukraine.

Russian Ports In Azov-Black Sea Basin Increase Cargo Turnover By 17% In 10 Months Of 2023

In total, Russian ports increased cargo handling by almost 8%.

Russian Airlines' Planes Breaking Down More Often, According To Defense Intelligence Cyber Operation

About a third of the available airliners in Russia could be used as spare parts for other aircraft.

Ports In Occupied Crimea Increase Cargo Transshipment 7 Times

The sharp increase in cargo transshipment is connected with the export of agricultural products from the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia.

Russian Ports In Azov-Black Sea Basin Increase Cargo Turnover In Several Consecutive Months

Despite sanctions and Western restrictions, Russian seaports are increasing freight turnover amid the blockade of Ukrainian ports.

Over 1 Million Tons Of Oil Products Exported From Russian Black Sea Ports In September In Violation Of EU Embargo

During the month, 30 cases of violation of European restrictions on seaborne export of Russian crude oil were registered.

Russia Establishes New Hub For Ship-To-Ship Transfers Of Crude Oil Near Suez Canal

A new hub for ship-to-ship transfers is emerging in Egyptian territorial waters.

Russia Doubles Sunflower Oil Exports To India

India is the world’s largest importer of vegetable oil and traditionally one of the largest markets for Ukrainian sunflower oil.

Estonia May Become First EU Country To Introduce Mechanism For Using Confiscated Russian Assets

These assets include port terminals.

Kazakhstan Increases Exports To Russia By 28% In Six Months

Kazakhstan is one of the countries through which Russia receives sanctioned and dual-use goods.

Russia May Create ‘Shadow Fleet’ Of Vessels For Transporting Grain - Media

Russia currently has 31 grain vessels, but most of them are old and small, so the country will have to charter foreign vessels from those willing to work with it.

Russian Airlines Receive Aircraft Spare Parts In 2023 Despite Sanctions

Four major Russian airlines have imported Western components worth USD 110 million for their aircraft via China and the UAE.

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