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India To Buy More Russian Crude Oil

India significantly increased its imports of Russian crude oil after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

Hundreds Of Russian ‘Ghost Tankers’ Appear In Gulf Of Finland, Threatening Maritime Safety

The arrival of hundreds of tankers in poor condition in the already congested Gulf of Finland has multiplied maritime and environmental safety risks.

Turkey Stops Transit Of Goods Subject To EU And US Sanctions To Russia

Transit of such goods via Turkey was stopped from 1 March.

Ship-To-Ship Transfers Of Russian Crude Oil Increase Near Gibraltar

Most of the transactions involve Chinese customers.

Opening Of Ports Necessary To Support Ukraine’s Metallurgical Industry - Opinion

The cost of logistics for the Ukrainian mining and metallurgical industry has increased 4–5 times since the beginning of the war.

Tarragona Port Denies Entry To Vessel Carrying Diesel Fuel From Russia

The Maersk Magellan tanker was blocked from unloading its cargo because the cargo was previously carried by the Nobel tanker, which was Russian-flagged until July 2022.

Maritime Exports Of Russian Crude Oil Via Black Sea Ports May Increase In January – Study

Russia was able to obtain tankers from non-European countries to transport its crude oil.

Stadler Not Planning To Completely Close Factory In Belarus

The company is hoping that the plant near Minsk will resume full operation after sanctions are lifted.

Road Freight Volume In Russia Does Not Fall Despite Almost 1 Year Of War

Russian carriers compensated for their losses on European routes by increasing transport volumes to Asian countries.

3 Greek Tankers Violate EU Embargo On Imports Of Crude Oil From Russia By Sea

About 270,000 tons of Russian crude oil thus arrived in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Greece, an EU member state.

EU Should Close Loopholes Allowing Russian Steel Companies To Export Semi-Finished Products - Opinion

Importers buying Russian semi-finished products at discounted prices have an advantage over other steel producers in the EU.

EU’s Ninth Package Of Sanctions Against Russia Includes Ban On Export Of Aircraft Engines And Parts

This means that it will be impossible to export components for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia.

Russian And Belarusian Railways Suspended From International Union Of Railways’ General Assembly

China, India, Iran, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Armenia opposed the decision.

Russia Manages To Remove 200 Aircraft From Bermuda Registry

About 300 aircraft belonging to Russian airlines can now fly abroad

Restrictions On EU Imports Of Russian Oil By Sea Enter Into Force Today

Restrictions on such imports apply in case of non-compliance with the "price ceiling" for the purchase of Russian oil.

Canada Imposes Sanctions On Belarusian Railway

The head of the Belarusian Railway and Belarus’ first deputy minister of transport were also sanctioned.

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