Motor Sich Presents Nadia Helicopter After 10 Years Of Development

23 August 2017 17:22

The Motor Sich company presented its new helicopter, named Nadia, at the Mokra airfield in the Zaporizhia region on 19 August.

The press service of the Zaporizhia regional administration quoted Motor Sich’s President Viacheslav Bohuslaev as saying that development of the helicopter took 10 years.

"Today you are standing before the first Ukrainian helicopter. We gave it the name Nadia. It is our hope for development of the country and development of high technologies. Our hope is that this helicopter will have many modifications: for patrolling roads, monitoring pipelines and gas pipelines, for defense purposes, for agriculture, and for passengers. A new industry was launched in Ukraine today," Bohuslaev said.

As the CFTS portal previously reported, the Nadia helicopter is designed for seven passengers. It has a flight range of 1,000 kilometers. Motor Sich intends to begin producing it in 2018.

Motor Sich is not the only company engaging in development and manufacture of helicopters in Ukraine. The Aerocopter company, which produces light helicopters, has been operating in Poltava since 1999. The company had sold 130 helicopters by 2010. Perla Group, a transnational corporation with headquarters in the state of Florida (United States), acquired Aerocopter in 2009. 

Another Ukrainian company, Softex Aero, presented the project for the VV-2 helicopter, which is equipped with an engine manufactured by the PBS Velká Bíteš company (Czech Republic), in 2016. The company presented the V-51/V-52 helicopter, which accommodates one pilot and four passengers, in 2015.

The KB Gorizont-12 company has developed and built two models of helicopters: the Skyline SL-222 (2009) and the Skyline SL-231 Scout (2014). In total, the company has produced and sold six helicopters.

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