The Motor Sich company (Zaporizhia), a producer of aircraft engines and gas turbines, has signed a firm contract for supply of AI-450S aircraft engines to the Diamond Aircraft Industries (Austria). The contract provides for sale of 36 engines to the Austrian company.

“A contract was signed for 36 engines at the beginning of the year. Delivery will begin this year,” Motor Sich’s Supervisory Board Chairman and Director of Public Relations Anatolii Malysh is quoted as saying.

According to him, negotiations on further deliveries are continuing.

In 2017, Motor Sich and Diamond Aircraft Industries signed a framework agreement for delivery of 400 AI-450S engines for the DA-50 aircraft in the period of 2018–2023.

The Ivchenko-Progress company (Zaporizhia) specially developed the 460-horsepower engine for the Austrian company, which is implementing a program involving re-motorization of the DA-50 aircraft.

The fourth-generation AI-450S engine, which weighs 170 kilograms, is intended to replace the Teledyne Continental TSIOF-550J, a 350-horsepower German diesel engine, on the DA-50 aircraft.