As the CFTS previously reported, a new airline called Bees Airline is being created in Ukraine. The company is now undergoing certification by the State Aviation Service.

According to the Ministry of Transport’s portal, the new carrier has already leased its first two Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

"We want to take two more aircraft next year, and we expect our fleet to consist of six aircraft by 2022," Bees Airline’s Director Yevhen Khainatskyi said. 

Khainatskyi was in charge of the Ukrainian-based SkyUp Airlines until July this year.

Bees Airline will be based at the Kyiv airport. "It is quite conveniently located. It is more convenient for many Kyiv residents to get here than Boryspil," Khainatskyi said. 

The company is now awaiting delivery of the aircraft from the Rzeszow airport in Poland. Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) previously operated these aircraft.

Bees Airline will operate its first flights to Egypt and begin operating as a charter carrier. It currently has contracts with two tour operators (including Tez Tour Ukraine). "Commencement of flights depends on how quickly we obtain an operator's certificate. If we obtain it by 22 December, we will launch charter flights for the holidays. If not, we will begin flying around 15 January," Khainatskyi said.

The airline plans to begin full operations in April 2021, when it will start operating regular flights.

The airline is currently developing a flight program for the summer. “I cannot name specific destinations yet but, for example, I will say that we are considering Batumi. Not only tourists can fly there, but also Ukrainians who own real estate in Georgia,” he said.

Earlier, Khainatskyi denied that he was a member of the company's management and linked it to Serhii Smyrnyi and Mykola Savostianov.