The Nibulon shipbuilding and ship repair company launched a barge from the B2000 project on September 20. It is the fiftieth vessel in the company fleet. Nibulon’s fleet now has 151,300 displacement tons.

The CFTS reported this, citing Nibulon.

This barge is the third non-self-propelled vessel to be built under the B2000 project. The vessel has a length of 71.7 meters, a width of 17 meters, a depth of 3.3 meters, a draft of 2.5 meters during loading, a displacement of 2,515 tons, and a total cargo hold capacity of 2,850 cubic meters.

The vessel will be operated on the Southern Bug River.

As reported, the first barge to be built under the B2000 project was launched on May 19 this year. The company has announced that it plans to launch six such barges with total carrying capacity of 12,000 tons by the end of the year.

In late June, the NBL-029 barge made its first trip jointly with the Kremenchug tug on a route from the Mykolaiv transshipment terminal to the Novoodesskaya transshipment terminal in Mykolaiv. The travel time was less than eight hours and the vessel was loaded with 2,000 tons of wheat. The total loading time did not exceed eight hours. 

According to Nibulon, 80 trucks are taken off the roads in the Mykolaiv region as a result of a single such trip.