The Nibulon company has begun transporting metal products by river, in addition to its traditional grain cargoes. The first batch of metal was transported from Kamianske to the port of Yuzhny on April 21, the CFTS reports, citing information from the company.

The first batch was loaded onto the NBL-002 barge. By the end of this week, 16,000 tons of metal products will be delivered to the port of Yuzhny for Metinvest Shipping LLC.

"The reorientation of transportation of metal products to shipping routes is expected to relieve the burden on the railway and reduce the shortage of rolling stock on the Ukrainian market," Nibulon said.

As the CFTS reported earlier, the company intends to transport 4 million tons of agricultural products on River Dnipro and 1 million on River Southern Bug in the next 2-3 years.