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Over 36 Million Tons Of Cargo Exported Via Black Sea Corridor

Of these, 25 million tons were agricultural products and about 10 million tons were mining and metal products.

A woman who can handle 220 tons. An interview with a mine dump truck driver

Olena Nikolaychuk-Neroda, who drives a large dump truck at Ferrexpo's iron ore pit near Horishni Plavni, tells the CFTS about the peculiarities of driving mining dump trucks and the prospects for women's employment as drivers.

Ukraine’s Pig Iron Exports Fall To Lowest Level Since April 2022

Only 27,800 tons of pig iron were exported in August.

Departure Of Vessels Carrying Ores And Metals From Ukrainian Ports Represents First Step Towards Unblocking Maritime Exports - Metinvest

Bulk carriers carrying rolled steel and iron-ore concentrate have left the ports of Greater Odesa for the first time since the outbreak of full-scale war.

Russian Occupiers Export Another Batch Of Stolen Metal From Mariupol Port

The occupiers painted over the name of the vessel used, although observations and traffic analysis show that it is the Mezhdurechensk vessel.

Opening Of Ports Necessary To Support Ukraine’s Metallurgical Industry - Opinion

The cost of logistics for the Ukrainian mining and metallurgical industry has increased 4–5 times since the beginning of the war.

Metinvest Establishes Production Of 24 New Types Of Products In 2022

Special attention has been paid to the production of armor plates for Ukrainian soldiers this year.

EU Should Close Loopholes Allowing Russian Steel Companies To Export Semi-Finished Products - Opinion

Importers buying Russian semi-finished products at discounted prices have an advantage over other steel producers in the EU.

MENA Region Loses Almost 2 Million Tons Of Iron Ore Due To Russian Blockade Of Ukrainian Ports

Algeria is the country worst affected by these supply interruptions.

Monthly Revenue Losses From Ukrainian Steel Exports Due To Blockade Of Ports Amount To USD 420 Million

1,000 Tons Of Azovstal Steel Used In Construction Of Hetman Ivan Mazepa Corvette’s Hull

The first Ada-class corvette, the flagship of the future Ukrainian Navy’s fleet, was recently launched in Istanbul.

Not an Iron Curtain: Why the Sanctions on the Export of Russian Mining and Metals Products are Not Working

Europe continues to purchase Russian iron ore and cast iron although they can easily be replaced with products from other sources. Why is this happening despite sanctions?

Ukraine Working To Broaden Range Of Goods Exported From Its Ports

According to Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey, the possibility of broadening the range of the goods is being considered for the future.

Yurii Vaskov: Export of Metals Under ‘Grain Initiative’ Currently Not Being Discussed

Interview with the deputy minister of infrastructure on how the "grain corridor" functions.

Ukrzaliznytsia Sells Scrap Metal Worth UAH 55 Million

15 out of the 47 lots on auction were sold.

IMO Supports Extension Of Maritime Grain Export Corridor To Other Types Of Cargoes

Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure believes that it will be possible to transport metal products through the maritime corridor for grain exports in the future.

Possibility Of Resuming Export Of Metal Products Via Ukrainian Ports Not Yet Considered

However, the Ministry of Infrastructure will initiate possible resumption of the export of the mining and metals industry’s products by sea at the first convenient opportunity.

Extension Of Safe Maritime Corridor For Grain Export To Include Metal Products And Ore Proposed

Like grain, ore and metal products are one of the main sources of foreign-exchange earnings for Ukraine.

Interpipe’s Logistics Costs Have Increased 2-3 Times Compared With Pre-War Period - CEO

The company has begun exporting products to Europe by road and rail for subsequent transshipment through seaports.

Interpipe Develops New Type Of Railway Wheels For EU Market

The company has already shipped a pilot batch to the customer.

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