The Nibulon company launched the fourth and last of the NBL-91 series of non-self-propelled vessels on 31 August. The barge has a length of 90 meters, a width of 16 meters, and a displacement of 3,750 tons. Its cargo hold has the total capacity of 5,050 cubic meters.

According to the company’s shipyard, the shipyard is also currently working on assembly of the next vessels under the B2000 project.

As reported, Nibulon began the construction of river barges under the NBL-91 project only in February last year. It launched the first non-self-propelled vessel under this project in July 2015.

Nibulon’s shipyard launched the first of eight barges under the B2000 project on 9 May 2016. It was announced that there would be six such barges with a total carrying capacity of 12,000 tons by the end of the year.