The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade is launching competitions for the posts of director of the Mariupol seaport, the Boryspil international airport, the Ukrkhimtransammiak enterprise, and the Electrotyazhmash plant, all of which are owned by the state.

According to the ministry, recruitment agencies that are well known on the market are involved in the search for potential candidates to head these state enterprises. "The winners of the competitions will earn salaries that are competitive with salaries in companies in the Ukrainian private sector," the ministry emphasized.

Applications will be accepted until 18:00 on 4 October 2016, inclusive.

The requirements that must be met by the candidate for the post of director of the Mariupol seaport include higher education, at least 5 years work experience in senior positions, including at enterprises employing more than 500 people. An MBA degree will be prioritized. Knowledge of English and other foreign languages, managerial experience in the field of maritime and river transport and work experience in international companies will be advantages.

The winner of the competition must obtain Ukrainian citizenship before conclusion of a contract.

The requirements for the candidates for the post of director of the Boryspil airport are similar to the above-mentioned requirements, only as they apply to the aviation industry. The winner of the competition for this post will also be required to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

The results of the competitions for the post of director of Ukrkhimtransammiak and Electrotyazhmash will be announced by 9 November and the results of the сompetitions for the posts of directors of the Boryspil seaport and Mariupol the seaport will be announced by 10 November.

Further details about the terms and dates of the competitions, the job descriptions, and the lists of required documents are available on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

The competitions will take place in two stages: the competition committee will first select 2-5 applicants and the appointment committee will then determine the most suitable candidate, who will be recommend to the Cabinet of Ministers for appointment.