Novadeal Ltd., a subsidiary of the DEME Group (Belgium), completed the maintenance dredging works at the Yuzhny seaport on November 17, the Yuzhny port authority informed the CFTS portal. The volume of the maintenance dredging works, which lasted 14 calendar days, was 339,402 cubic meters.

Following the maintenance dredging works, the port’s berth No. 2 now has an actual depth of 13.4 meters, the berth No. 3 13.7 meters, the berth No. 3 15.3 meters, the berth No. 4 14.5 meters, the berth No. 7 14.3 meters, the berth No. 8 15.3 meters, the berth No. 9 15.3 meters, the berth No. 16 14.3 meters, the berth No. 17 14.3 meters, and the berth No. 38 7.8 meters.

"The successful implementation of the project by Novadeal Ltd. confirms the reliability of our partners, and it is key to further development of international cooperation and greater attractiveness of the port to investors," the Yuzhny port authority’s head Maksym Shirokov said.

As reported, the dredging work was performed by two Netherlands-flagged vessels: the Breughel trailing suction hopper dredger and the Odin dredging plough.

Two dredging projects are being implemented simultaneously at the port: China Harbor Engineering Company started dredging works at the berths Nos. 23-25 ​​(MV Cargo) on July 20 and began dredging the approach channel to the berths Nos. 5-6 on September 11.