The Odessa International Airport switched to refueling of aircraft with jet fuel of the brand Jet A-1 in May 2015, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports, citing the airport’s Director Vitalii Portianko.

"We received the first batch of the Bulgarian Jet A-1 jet fuel, which meets the most stringent applicable standard, in May. We plan to continue this practice," said the director of the airport.

According to him, the airport previously received fuel purchased on the domestic market and the switch to imported fuel has allowed it to reduce prices for carriers by UAH 6,000-7,000 per ton.

"I think that we can offer today the lowest price that is possible under the conditions for supply to the Odessa airport," said Portianko.

According to him, prices can be lowered further by simplification of customs procedures, which, in the case with the first delivery of the Bulgarian fuel, took about three weeks and led to significant additional costs that were reflected in the final cost of the product.