Operators in the Pivdennyi seaport handled 4.738 million tons of cargo in July 2019, which is the absolute record for cargo transshipment in a single month at the seaport. This transshipment volume exceeded the transshipment volume in July 2018 by 49%.

The Pivdennyi port authority announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

Products of the agro-industrial complex and the mining and metallurgical complex accounted for most of the port’s transshipment volume in July 2019. The volume of ore transshipment was 2.602 million tons (a 57.8% increase) and the volume of grain transshipment 946,200 tons (76.4%).

Export goods accounted for 79% (3.741 million tons) of the total cargo transshipment volume. Most of the export goods went to China.

The stevedoring companies with the largest transshipment volumes in the seaport in July 2019 were TIS (2,940,500 tons) and the state-owned MTP Yuzhny (1,311,600 tons).

“We managed to break the previous record that was set in November 2015, which is more than 3.5 years ago. The cargo turnover then was 4.578 million tons. The latest achievement is 160,000 tons more, but we do not plan to stop,” the Pivdennyi port authority’s head Vitalii Lipskyi said.

As reported earlier, the Pivdennyi seaport transshipped 1.312 million tons of cargo in July 2019, which exceeded its target for the month by 376,000 tons or 40.2%. The increase in transshipment volumes was due to an increase in the number of vessels with ore and imported coking coal. Iron-ore products accounted for 67% of the seaport’s total turnover.

As the CFTS also reported, the stevedoring companies operating in the Pivdennyi seaport handled 23.391 million tons of cargo in the first half of 2019, which is 20.3% more than they handled in the same period of 2018.