The PKP Energetyka company, an electricity supplier to Polish railway companies, intends to accelerate the construction and modernization of electrified railways in Poland with the help of the Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company. The company plans to use experts from Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrzaliznytsia is counting on the experience of PKP Energetyka, especially in the area of new technologies. Both companies also want to secure joint contracts in third countries located to the east of Poland. PKP Energetyka’s head Wojciech Orzech stated this in an interview with the Newseria news agency, the CFTS portal reports.

"Ukrzaliznytsia is a very interesting partner for us. This is a powerful company and one of the largest employers in Europe. The Ukrainian market is huge. I hope that we can benefit from it. We are implementing very interesting and innovative projects, which can be of interest to the (Ukrainian) company. Of course, Ukrzaliznytsia faces the task of transformation and support of management processes with IT tools. We are currently working on these issues at PKP Energetyka. In the future, I think that we can at least try to jointly implement projects that will benefit both sides," Orzech said.

“Cooperation between the two companies will create potential for expansion abroad. Joint operations reduce risks and increase opportunities. Ukrzaliznytsia has a large number of employees and an executive potential. In turn, we have a very high-tech specialization in works on catenary systems. After initial discussions, we believe that we can talk about cooperation outside our home countries," Orzech added.

The amount of investment in joint projects is not yet known. According to Orzech, everything will depend on the specifics of each project. In addition, the company did not specify the railways on which implementation of the cooperation agreement may be piloted or the country in which the two companies wish to work together.

The Newseria news agency noted the fact that Ukrzaliznytsia employees are currently building railways in Iran. Such projects often involve construction of entire systems for distribution and supply traction power. "We hope that we can act as partners in such projects in third countries. The agreement of intent is the first step. I think that bilateral relations will be processed in a few months and we will sign concrete agreements and contracts for projects to be implemented by Ukrzaliznytsia and PKP Energetyka," Ukrzaliznytsia’s head Wojciech Balczun said. 

During an economic forum in Krynica (Poland) on 6 September, Ukrzaliznytsia and PKP Energetyka signed an agreement of intent that provides for cooperation between the two companies, as well as sharing of experience on maintenance and modernization of catenary systems, management of electricity distribution through introduction of modern IT tools, etc.