Polish farmers have announced a blockade/control of one of the roads between Poland and Slovakia until the end of March.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the publication European Pravda.

Farmers from neighboring settlements plan to inspect cargo on the border between Slovakia and Poland near the village of Chyżne, and they have applied to the Jablonka municipality for permission to hold their protest.

The reason for the protest is the same as the reasons for all the previous farmer protests - they are demanding an end to the "uncontrolled flow of grain from Ukraine to the EU" and a change in the requirements of the EU's "green" legislation, which makes it difficult for their products to compete with cheaper products from third countries.

The protesters will drive their tractors to the border crossing, where they plan to inspect every truck heading to Poland and allow one truck to pass through every hour. They promised to allow cars, pedestrians, and cyclists to pass unhindered.

They promise not to allow truck drivers who fail their "inspection" to enter Poland.